Online printing

How can I print online? With iPlott it just takes a minute!

At lower prices, without buying a printer or a plotter in three simple steps. Start off now with iPlott, directly from your pc: and in 24 hours, the prints will be delivered to your home!
What can I print with iPlott?
Almost anything. Thanks to our plotters we can print any file on any kind and size of paper: from a thesis, to a report, a cad project or a technical design…iPlott is here. We can also provide all “copy center services”, such as binding, plasticizing, covers etc
It’s easy and fast. Start right now!
If you still have any doubt, this tutorial video will show you that iPlott is a revolutionary idea: online printing has never been so easy. You print from your computer, and we deliver your prints at home or to your office. Start now:
1- first thing, make your free registration
2- install the print drivers, then print your files and projects
3- choose the size, paper and delivery location: within 24 hours we will deliver your prints anywhere in Italy. If you live in Rome or Milan, you will receive your prints within three hours, or you can pick them up on your own
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Following you will find a help list for the most common printing errors. For further doubts call our technical support at our.
1- iPlott Error 0: uninstall the iPlott printer: go to START, then ALL PROGRAMS, then iPlott printer then click on UNINSTALL. Start the pc again and re-install the iPlott driver.
2- Error message: no files to be printed. The path to your files is too long. Save your files on the hard disk, close any opened file and open the file from this new “short” path, now print.
3- Error message n. 220: this problem might occur if the client’s pc is linked to an administrator or a server. In the first case you have to enter the pc as the administrator and add the new paper sizes, or, in case you have a main server, you must call the server’s administrator and make him add the new paper sizes and insert iPlott as a network printer.

Try now?

Try now?

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Watch the video

And see how easy it is to print with iPlott Watch now!

iPlott lets you print online all of your files and projects just right from your PC, no need for printer or plotter. With us you may use digital printers and plotters without even owning one, thus saving up to 70%. Every online print you'll order on iPlott will be shipped at your home or office within 24 hours.

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