Are you really sure you want to buy a plotter?

Use our online plotter printing service, and with iPlott you can spend up to 70% less.
A plotter is a large size printer, ideal for cad, projects, maps and design tables. This kind of printers reach a very high printing standard and offer a wide variety of options, for this reason they are largely used in advertising and graphic design.
Obviously prices can vary according to the type and model, some can be pretty cheap, but even in this case we are talking about several thousands of euro. It’s a very important decision even for successful studios and advertising agencies, but for budding business or for anybody that doesn’t use them on a regular basis, it’s really a useless investment.
Digital printing centers are the a very interesting alternative: iPlott is one of them.
How does Iplott, the online digital printing service, work?
With iPlott you launch your print from your computer, then relax and wait for your project, pictures, brochure or any other thing you want, to be delivered at home or to your office, within 24 hours.
How to pay your plotter prints
A part from all traditional payment methods, such as credit cards or money transfer, iPlott gives you the opportunity of using its iPlott Card: a prepaid virtual card, that allows you to use credits instead of money.
he iPlott card is the easiest, fastest and safest way to pay, and it also offers you a further discount:
iPlott gives you a 5 euro bonus every 100 euro recharge
iPlott gives you a 50 euro bonus every 500 euro recharge
iPlott gives you a 100 euro bonus every 1000 euro recharge
Recharge here. You choose the amount.
Get an idea of how simple iPlott plotter printing service is. Look at our digital printing tutorial video.

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Try now?

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iPlott lets you print online all of your files and projects just right from your PC, no need for printer or plotter. With us you may use digital printers and plotters without even owning one, thus saving up to 70%. Every online print you'll order on iPlott will be shipped at your home or office within 24 hours.

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